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For patients with a urea cycle disorder (UCD), too much protein in the body can lead to coma, brain damage, or even death. Optimal management requires taking a nitrogen scavenger medication (such as RAVICTI) and adhering to a strict low-protein diet. However, for patients and caregivers, dietary restrictions often become fatiguing, burdensome, and as one can imagine, “boring and limited.” RAVICTI should also be taken with food.


With the help of the UCD community and certified metabolic dietitians, co-create a low-protein cookbook that provides a range of nutritious and low–protein-friendly meals and snacks to fit one’s lifestyle.


The cookbook is provided as an eCRM incentive on, distributed in take-away bags at branded events, and has provided Horizon/Patient Access Managers (PAMs) an opportunity to connect with families and share resources outside of regular touchpoints.

Our efforts have resulted in:

  • Above-industry rate of eCRM sign-ups
  • Cookbooks sent to families across the country by PAMs
  • One very grateful community

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